Les Grottes de Calès

A leisurely day spent exploring les Grottes de Calès, caves which date back to the middles ages, was a welcome change from the pace and buildings of the city.  After a short stroll uphill to the the ruines of the castle, which was constructed sometime during the 12th century, we stopped for lunch before wandering around to look at the caves. There are 116 caves in sum which were hand-carved by the inhabitants. From what I gleaned from various sources, the caves were originally dug out in order to provide stone for the castle and later served as safe havens for the inhabitants of the village.  We spent the afternoon under the trees and sunbathing next to the caves.

DSC_0188DSC_0316 DSC_0255DSC_0193DSC_0264


Grottes de Calès
13113 Lamanon


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