Water + Lemon


For the past several months, a habit I have adapted in the morning is to drink freshly squeezed lemon water. This ritual is touted for numerous health benefits.


Continue reading to explore the benefits of incorporating lemon water into your morning rituals.

  • Smoother Digestion
    • When I was younger, my mother always drank warm water in the morning to start the day. The jump start to the digestion most likely comes from the water rather than the lemon since its the first things to enter into the digestive track after a nights sleep.
  • Brighter Skin 
    • This added benefit most likely comes from the high content of vitamin C contained in a lemon about 44.5 mg per lemon. You may notice your skin is less inflamed which most likely is due to the pH balancing effect of lemon.
  • A balanced pH 
    • Although Lemons are a citrus fruit and contain acid, they are alkaline for the body. This means that in the body a lemon does not act as an acid but rather helps to establish a balanced pH (measure of acidity) and fight inflammation.
      • Alcohol and caffeine deregulate our bodies pH and cause inflammation which can have damaging effect on our heath and lead to the development of various diseases – all the more reason to stick to lemon water in the morning
    • Increased Energy
      • Lemons are a source of folate (vitamin B), which has been linked to brain and nervous system health and cardiovascular health.
      • Try replacing your caffeinated beverages in the morning with lemon water and see if you feel more awake and energetic than before.
    • A Detoxing Flush 
      • During sleep, our organs work hard to process all of the nutrients we consumed during the day “rest and digest”.  Flushing our system with water prepares the body for the day, removes unwanted toxins and ensures we start the day hydrated.
    • Kidney Health
      • Lemons are a source (low) of potassium, 80 mg. Potassium has been shown to neutralize acidity in the blood stream, which keeps blood pressure under control and the kidneys happy.



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